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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.23 No.1 Prosinac 2011.

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Political Kitchen Performance or Performance Arts in which Food is Used to Demonstrate a Political Stance (Abstract)

Suzana Marjanić   ORCID icon ; Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb, Croatia

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Marjanić, S. (2011). Izvedba političke kuhinje ili performansi u kojima se hrana rabi kao politički stav. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 23(1), 93-123. Preuzeto s

The article catalogues performance arts in which food is used as a political stance, while pointing out in that process the danger of the implemented metaphor of the political kitchen in the Croatian period of transition, and of the overall recession and depression. The stimulus for writing about this topic that life itself imposes came to me from two artists (Siniša Labrović and Marko Marković), who oriented their performance art to auto-cannibalism – to drinking and slurping their own blood (M. Marković) and urine (S. Labrović) and to eating their own tissue, their own flesh (M. Marković).

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performance art; action; food as a political stance; political kitchen

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