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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.4 No.1 Ožujak 1993.

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Textile folk handicrafts of the Croats in Baranja

Nerina Eckhel ; Etnografski muzej, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Eckhel, N. (1992). Tekstilno rukotvorstvo Hrvata u Baranji. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 4(1), 93-115. Preuzeto s

This article contains some general conclusions about textile folk handicrafts as remained in autarkic economy of the villages of Baranja till the middle of our century. Briefly, these are: making of linen and woolen weave from the home-made raw materials (flax, hemp, wool); known weave techniques are plain weave, picking out and kelim; known embroidery techniques are plane embroidery, hollie stitch, woven hem stitch and overcast filling -Russian; often used ornaments are horizontal variegated woven stripes and lines of vertically embroidered vegetative and zoomorphic figures. Variety and numerousness of subordinate species of particular parts of garb or soft furnishings are achieved by interacting combinations of the elements mentioned above. Along with the rich variety of material things, the lexical riches is preserved as well. There are numerous localisms used for things, techniques of making textile and decorative ornaments. The material which has been analysed by now gives us enough facts for the general ideas, but it also ties us to do a detailed analysis of each segment of the textile folk handicrafts.

Ključne riječi
textile handicraft; textile raw materials; weaving; embroidery; Baranja

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