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Studia ethnologica Croatica, Vol.2 No.1 Lipanj 1991.

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A contribution to the ethnological study of folk architecture

Nada Duić ; Republički zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture, Zagreb, Croatia

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Duić, N. (1990). Prilog poznavanju etnološkog proučavanja narodnog graditeljstva. Studia ethnologica Croatica, 2(1), 125-141. Preuzeto s

The article contains a review of ethnological research on folk architecture. There is an account of the work of Valtazar Bogišić (1834-1908) who collected and elaborated the data on folk architecture in almost all the south Slavic countries. The article also contains an account of the work of Antun Radić, the founder of modern ethnology in Croatia, who dedicated a great part of his ethnological research questionnaire to folk architecture, village typology, toponym theory etc... Radić's approach to ethnological research is still relevant because he anticipated some of the recent approaches to these problems. The article presents the work of the Serbian anthropogeogapher Jovan Cvijić and reviews of his village typology. The typology and classification of professor Milovan Gavazzi is also presented. There are several examples of contemporary ethnological research into the village in general, rural architecture and accommodation. The author presents a review of the related sociological research on the village as well as of analogous researches from the aspect of the preservation of cultural monuments. The contribution of the architects and historians of art who dealt with these problems at the beginning of the 19th century (particularly the architects Janko Holjac and Martin Pilar) has been studied in the article, as well as the work of Aleksandar Freudenreich (1892-1974) and other contemporary architects. It also discusses the questionnaire carried out for the needs of the Ethnological Atlas of Yugoslavia.

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folk architecture; history of ethnology; Yugoslavia

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