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Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use

ANDRAS SZENTKUTI ; HEXIUM Technical Development Co. Ltd., Vaci Street 51/b.; 1134 Budapest, Hungary
HANA SKALA KAVANAGH ; Department for Rheumatology, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, University Hospital Center »Sestre milosrdnice«, Vinogradska 29, Zagreb, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
SZENTKUTI, A., SKALA KAVANAGH, H. i GRAZIO, S. (2011). Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use. Periodicum biologorum, 113 (4), 385-392. Preuzeto s
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SZENTKUTI, ANDRAS, et al. "Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use." Periodicum biologorum, vol. 113, br. 4, 2011, str. 385-392. Citirano 07.08.2020.
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SZENTKUTI, ANDRAS, HANA SKALA KAVANAGH i SIMEON GRAZIO. "Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use." Periodicum biologorum 113, br. 4 (2011): 385-392.
SZENTKUTI, A., SKALA KAVANAGH, H., i GRAZIO, S. (2011). 'Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use', Periodicum biologorum, 113(4), str. 385-392. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 07.08.2020.)
SZENTKUTI A, SKALA KAVANAGH H, GRAZIO S. Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use. Periodicum biologorum [Internet]. 2011 [pristupljeno 07.08.2020.];113(4):385-392. Dostupno na:
A. SZENTKUTI, H. SKALA KAVANAGH i S. GRAZIO, "Infrared thermography and image analysis for biomedical use", Periodicum biologorum, vol.113, br. 4, str. 385-392, 2011. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 07.08.2020.]

Infrared thermography is used for measuring and analyzing physiological functions and pathology related to the body’s thermal homeostasis and temperature. This review provides an overview of the technological advantages of infrared imaging, with the focus on new advances in and opportunities for infrared imaging, as a reliable medical diagnostic tool.

The review has four main parts. Firstly, a short history of thermography development in medicine is given. Secondly, an overview on the clinical and biomedical research results and methodological improvements in established applications of infrared thermography is provided. Thirdly, the details of published research and development results and activities of the last 3 years for time and frequency domain analysis of infrared video
thermography recordings to study some vital functions of human physiology are discussed. Analysis of infrared video thermography streams resulted in important information on microvascular (arteriolar) function of the skin and of vital organs when exposed during an operation. This new set of parameters of microvascular function enhances the assessment of the cardiovascular
system in chronic diseases e.g. in hypertension and diabetes. Infrared
thermography provides valuable information when an organ’s suitability for transplantationmust be assessed based on quantifiable parameters of organ function and viability. Fourthly, a brief overview on a separate, exciting area of infrared imaging is provided as well: the development of a touchless polygraph system. It enables the study of the psychophysiological parameters of stress, by the assessment of breathing and pulse wave patterns by noncontact
methodology, for lie detection purposes.

In conclusion, infrared imaging is a non-invasive, non-radiative, low
cost detection tool, and its application area is constantly growing, along with technical improvements and advances.

Ključne riječi
thermography; infrared imaging; infrared medical technology; physiological functions

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