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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.61 Prosinac 2011.

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The Varaždin leaf of a Croatian Glagolitic Missal (FgVar2)

Anica Vlašić-Anić ; Staroslavenski institut, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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Vlašić-Anić, A. (2011). Varaždinski list hrvatskoglagoljskoga misala (FgVar2). Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (61), 123-167. Preuzeto s

The article describes the Varaždin leaf from a Croatian Glagolitic Missa (FgVar2), a parchment fragment found in 1986 in the library of the Capuchin monastery in Varaždin. It was detached from the book with the call number IX c. 6. where it had been used as a precious book cover. This collection of Sunday sermons throughout the year, Dominicale concionum pastoralium. Das iſt: Soñtag Predigen Für Die Seelſorger auf das ganze Jahr (Salzburg 1705), is the work of the famous Capuchin preacher in the province of Zurich in the 17th century, Heribert von Salurn (the monastic name of Ch. A. Mayr), OFM Cap (1637–1700). The Second Varaždin fragment (FgVar2) is a very well preserved leaf from a Croatian Glagolitic Missal on the fine parchment, 35x25 cm, written in two columns, with 28 lines in each column (25x7.5–8 cm). It contains the Croatian Church Slavonic translation of the part from Proper of Seasons (Proprium de tempore) in the Roman Missal with liturgical texts for the Feast of Corpus Christi: a Sequence Laud, O Zion (Lauda Sion) (lines 15–77, i.e. from the last line in the 5th stanza to the fi nal line in the 75th stanza) which is not found even in the 5 missals from the south group, Gospel of John 6, 55–59, and parts of the mass: Credo, Offertorium, Secreta, Praefatio and Communio (1 Cor 11,26). The results of the content, palaeographic and philological analyses sug gest that the fragment is from the late 14th or the beginning of the 15th century, as well as that it may belong to the north group of the Croatian Glagolitic missals. Whether it is possible to identify the scribe of the codex to which FgVar2 belonged – is yet to be determined by a more precise analytical comparison with the Istrian codices of the Scribe Bartol from Krbava (PANTELIĆ 1964), and the newly-found Poljak’s fragment of a Croatian Glagolitic Missal (SUDEC 2009)

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Varaždin; Capuchin monastery; parchment fragment FgVar2; Croatian Glagolitic missal; Sequence on the Feast of Corpus Christi; Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem; Hvali Sione Spasitela; Heribert von Salurn; Dominicale concionum pastoralium; Melchior Haan

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