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Original scientific paper

Jews in Business and Economy of Koprivnica and Podravina

Ljiljana Dobrovšak   ORCID icon ; Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar, Zagreb, Croatia

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Other than Koprivnica’s native merchants, active participants in commerce and trading in Koprivnica and Podravina were Jews, who since their settlement here were involved in development of commerce and economy, as much as their abilities allowed. By the end of 19th century, Jews held a major portion of commerce and trade in Koprivnica and Podravina, participating in all important economic affairs of the town, especially in banking and industry. Their influence expanded to all major Podravina settlements, and they particularly were active in Legrad, Ludbreg, Mali Bukovec, Novigrad, Drnje, Virje and the neighboring villages. Their biggest involvement was between the two world wars. They were resourceful and efficient businessmen, expanding their business affairs throughout Podravina region and beyond. This helped create a great contribution, not only in commerce, but also in social and cultural events and life of Koprivnica and Podravina.

Jews; Koprivnica; Podravina; economy

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