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Marketing on social networks

Marija Stanojević ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia

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Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flicker, Digg, Foursqare and many others, have changed the way the demographic population of people under 35 years are communicating (or are not communicating?) with the world, how do they shopp and how they inform . This is wasthe era of digital lifestyle!
Internet has become an important marketing medium, which will in future be an indispensable factor in every business. With Social Networks there have been significant changes in marketing in the way companies communicate with customers.
Also, social networks and their members are not just students and younger people looking for leisure, sharing various multimedia, there are more and more intellectuals and business people from around the world.
The aim of this paper is to provide insights and summarize information on the possibilities of Internet Marketing combined with social networks.

Ključne riječi
social networks; marketing; Facebook; viral marketing; guerilla marketing

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