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Mura River - Man - Nature

Sandra Kantar   ORCID icon ; Križevci College of Agriculture, Križevci, Croatia
Marjana Ivanek-Martinčić ; Križevci College of Agriculture, Križevci, Croatia
Zvjezdana Augustinović ; Križevci College of Agriculture, Križevci, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Kantar, S., Ivanek-Martinčić, M. i Augustinović, Z. (2008). Mura - čovjek - priroda. Podravina, 7 (14), 147-158. Preuzeto s
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Kantar, Sandra, et al. "Mura - čovjek - priroda." Podravina, vol. 7, br. 14, 2008, str. 147-158. Citirano 17.01.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Kantar, Sandra, Marjana Ivanek-Martinčić i Zvjezdana Augustinović. "Mura - čovjek - priroda." Podravina 7, br. 14 (2008): 147-158.
Kantar, S., Ivanek-Martinčić, M., i Augustinović, Z. (2008). 'Mura - čovjek - priroda', Podravina, 7(14), str. 147-158. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 17.01.2021.)
Kantar S, Ivanek-Martinčić M, Augustinović Z. Mura - čovjek - priroda. Podravina [Internet]. 2008 [pristupljeno 17.01.2021.];7(14):147-158. Dostupno na:
S. Kantar, M. Ivanek-Martinčić i Z. Augustinović, "Mura - čovjek - priroda", Podravina, vol.7, br. 14, str. 147-158, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 17.01.2021.]

This papers gives an overview of College of Agriculture in Križevci student’s paper works made within the INTERREG III A Project »Man-Mura-Nature«. In the Project participated: Agricultural Faculty Georgikon - University of Veszprem, Agricultural Museum Georgikon from Keszthely, Balaton National Park, White Raven Nature Protection Society and College of Agriculture in Križevci
On the Croatian side of Mura, nature is very rich in animal and plant life with many autochthonic species. Rudolf Steiner, the originator of anthroposophy and biodynamic agriculture, is one of the representatives of Međimurje ecological tradition.
Međimurje has a lot of ethnographic characteristics such as meals on Mura, rural buildings heritage (old clay houses, vineyard cottages, and traditional crafts like lace-making, gold washing, basket-making and pottery. Međimurje has recognizable carnival customs and remarkable traditional songs which were collected by musicologist Vinko Žganec. Near the ways and roads there are »pils«, crucifixes or saint’s statues.
The Project ends with a landscape-historical essay based on students paper works, hungarian pupils works and Hungarian National Archive research.

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Mura river; nature; etnography; Hungarian-Croatian project

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