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Modern Traffic and Transport - A ‘Must’ and a Precondition for Future Growth of Koprivnica

Mladen Matica ; Public Institute for Spatial Planning of the Koprivnica-Križevci County, Koprivnica, Croatia

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In transport an traffic terms, Koprivnica is laid at intersection of longitudinal traffic corridor of Podravina and secondary transversal corridor of Croatia. The latter links the regions of the Adriatic Sea and Central Europe. Podravina traffic route connects Podravina (Drava river region) with Podunavlje (the Danube river region). Koprivnica has not taken advantage of this uniquely important geographic and traffic importance as yet. There is a plan to build a transverse expressway Vrbovec-Koprivnica-Hungarian state border, as well as Podravina motorway. As for railway, the route Botovo-Koprivnica-Zagreb-Rijeka has a great traffic potential for Koprivnica, as it belongs to Pan – European Transport Corridor V-Branch B. Building additional tracks and new lowlands tracks through Kupa river valley will increase transport of goods between Port of Rijeka and Central Europe. This is why Koprivnica, as a regional railway hub, has solid grounds to build a logistics center. Having become an independent state and joining European integration processes, Rep. of Croatia helped Koprivnica and its position as a border town. Participation in international projects helped the town of Koprivnica and County of Koprivnica-Krizevci, as a region, to define infrastructure projects with neighboring regions of shared interest. Joining integration processes will help realization of building infrastructure. The actual building of traffic network does not necessarily mean growth, as transport access can simply empty a region if no detailed plan for regional development is set up. Transport increase has multiplication effects. Koprivnica owes its growth to innovations and development of university education, both tied to traffic and transport accessibility If Koprivnica wishes to become a Central European university town, it needs to have a literal transport accessibility (highway, railway, telecommunication). Transport accessibility will enable a quality traffic commuting and communication for people, goods and innovations. Innovations will be accessible if quality telecom network is present, with continuous upgrade and application of new technologies. More developed infrastructure and increased accessibility will definitely improve productivity and initiate further economic growth of the town Koprivnica and Podravina region.

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transport; expressway; railway; Koprivnica; Podravina; Croatia

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