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Violence against Men

Daša Poredoš Lavor ; Novi život d.o.o. – savjetovanje u vezi s brakom i obitelji, Sisak.
Slavko Jerković ; Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatian

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (210 KB) str. 400-406 preuzimanja: 3.575* citiraj
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The capacity for violence is not gender-specific, and despite the fact that women are usually the victims the purpose of this paper is to show the characteristics of violence against men in the romantic/marital relationships through a few examples from practice. Violence against men is possible to present in Croatian society and should not be ignored. Better understanding and giving of ideas for treatment of this problem is one of the purposes of this paper. There is no universal recipe for effective sanctions and a treatment effect of bullying. It is important that community show the condemnation and to have a special prevention effects should be reduction or diminishing of such behaviour in future. It is also important to develop the specialized programs for perpetrators with main goal of reduction of violent behavior.

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domestic violence; violence against men

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