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Rape Prevention

Davorka Martinjak ; Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

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In the modern society, prevention increasignly takes up the place of one of the significant mechanisms in the attempts of the society towards the control of crime. The sporadic scientific research carried out in our country is insufficient to comprehensively perceive the problematics of rape. It thus encouraged the elaboration of a criminological and criminalistic research carried out on 368 cases of criminal acts of rape committed in the Republic of Croatia in the period from 1997 to 2001. One of its objectives was to identify the existence of a statistic relation between the variables describing the time of identification of possible risk by the victim and the variables describing the characteristics of victims, characteristics of committers and certain characteristics of situations in which the criminal offence of rape occurs. The data were gathered based on the insight into 368 police cases connected with the criminal offence of rape and using the questionnaire made up of 98 variables divided into several chapters. The data obtained were then processed using the chi-square test. The research has led to the cognitions which may contribute to the creation of useful materials for the victims in the sense of prevention, clarification and identification of risk situations, as well as to initiate the social marketing to raise the awareness concerning self-protection of citizens.

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rape; rape prevention; identification of risk situations; rape committer; rape victim

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