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»Prvi markgrofov rat« i Frankopani

Robert Kurelić ; Odjel za humanističke znanosti, Sveučilište Jurja Dobrile u Puli

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Three members of the Frankopan dynasty, a prominent Croatian noble family, were mentioned in a Nuremberg chronicle from the mid fifteenth century as allies of Albert III Achilles, the margrave of Brandenburg in his war against the city, a conflict with which he had hoped to bring about the restoration of the duchy of Frankonia and extend his reign over a great part of central Germany. The feud, a form of self help and a legal institution dating back to old Germanic times which allowed for an armed resolution of conflicts between interested parties with the exclusion of a higher authority, spread to most parts of the empire, with the margrave soliciting aid, be that actual physical assistance or moral and political support even from the southernmost reaches of the empire, including the powerful counts of Cilli with estates in Carniola, Styria and Croatia who, according to the chronicle, brought with them the support of their many vassals and allies, among which we find the three Frankopan brothers, Martin, Sigmund and Dujam. The Frankopans, at the time split into eight branches, were frequently squabbling among themselves and during Margrave Albert’s war against Nuremberg these three seem to have sided with the margrave and their cousin Ulrich II of Cilli despite the emperor’s efforts to prevent the outbreak of the war. The chronicle is an outstanding source for Croatian historiography because it shows that the Frankopans were not only recognized as higher nobility by the inhabitants of the empire and accorded a status equal to that of imperial counts—even though they did not belong to it politically — but were also self conscious enough to participate in political events far beyond their immediate sphere of influence. Thus, a small entry in the list of the parties that declared a feud with the city of Nuremberg has greatly contributed to our knowledge of the Frankopan family as well as to the extent of influence that a powerful noble likeMargrave Albert III Achilles could achieve through a network of political alliances.

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the Frankopans; Nürnberg; Margrave Albert III Achilles

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