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Assessment criterion of Biology and Chemistry teachers

Renata Ruić   ORCID icon ; Franjo Petric Comprehensive School, Zadar

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APA 6th Edition
Ruić, R. (2012). Kriterij ocjenjivanja nastavnika biologije i kemije. Školski vjesnik, 61 (1.-2.), 81-100. Preuzeto s
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Ruić, Renata. "Kriterij ocjenjivanja nastavnika biologije i kemije." Školski vjesnik 61, br. 1.-2. (2012): 81-100.
Ruić, R. (2012). 'Kriterij ocjenjivanja nastavnika biologije i kemije', Školski vjesnik, 61(1.-2.), str. 81-100. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 07.12.2021.)
Ruić R. Kriterij ocjenjivanja nastavnika biologije i kemije. Školski vjesnik [Internet]. 2012 [pristupljeno 07.12.2021.];61(1.-2.):81-100. Dostupno na:
R. Ruić, "Kriterij ocjenjivanja nastavnika biologije i kemije", Školski vjesnik, vol.61, br. 1.-2., str. 81-100, 2012. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 07.12.2021.]

This paper presents the results of empirical research of assessment criterion based on the opinions of Chemistry and Biology teachers in primary and secondary schools. The research was conducted on 212 teachers from all parts of Croatia whose opinions were collected through a specially designed questionnaire consisting of open and closed questions and the Likert scale. The research included teachers who had fi nished a Teacher Education and those who had fi nished non-teaching ones but later completed the Supplementary Pedagogical-Psychological and Methodical Education. The aim of this research was to determine to what is teachers’ assessment criterion adapted, what infl uences it and whether years of service and type of education make a difference. The results have indicated that teachers adapt their assessment criterion depending on their students or situation. Most teachers lower their criterion due to the increased public pressure - of parents, educational authorities and due to the changes in the society. No statistically signifi cant difference has been found in the behavior and attitudes of Biology and Chemistry teachers or between teachers who had fi nished teaching education and those who had gained teaching competencies after completing the Supplementary Pedagogical- Psychological and Methodical Education. However, there are some statistically signifi cant differences between respondents regarding years of service. In fact, younger teachers, under 10 years of working experience, do not feel the pressure of parents and educational authorities when evaluating and do not lower their assessment criterion due to the general trend in society as opposed to their more experienced colleagues.

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teacher; assessment; assessment criterion; Biology; Chemistry

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