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From dramatic games and exercises to theatrical plays

Željana Lažeta   ORCID icon ; Father Lovre Katic Primary School, Solin

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This presentation is a result of pupils’ involvement in extracurricular activities in which members of drama and puppet groups were involved. With this example we wanted to emphasise the extraordinary possibilities of frequent application of dramatic games and exercises in both extracurricular activities and in regular lessons. Dramatic games enable pupils’ complete involvement and discovery of their talents so that they become more aware of their abilities and creative expression. Such games develop cooperation and team spirit among pupils and encourage the ability of argumentative critical analysis of not only their own work but also that of their classmates. Furthermore, they fi nd the games very interesting and learn how to express themselves with words, movements and sounds. They approach the content through their own experience which they try to express in many different ways. Accordingly, the word itself is enriched with movements or sounds and it becomes familiar and understandable to pupils. Only one manner of dramatic games application is presented in this work and it refers to the creation of a play, from its basic idea to its complete realization. These games and exercises, as well as many others, can also be successfully applied in regular lessons in order to make them more dynamic and interesting.

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dramatic games and exercises in extracurricular activities; expression with words, movements and sounds

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