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Differences between personality traits in children with tension-type headaches and with other somatoform complaints

Dunja Baraban ; Clinical hospital Osijek
Zlatko Mandić ; Clinical Hospital Osijek
Ljerka Pinotić ; Clinical Hospital Osijek
Krasanka Hafner ; Clinical Hospital Osijek

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We present the results of examinations in which the aims were (a) to compare the personality traits of children with tension-type headeaches (TTH) and children with other somatization symptoms without headaches and (b) to compare the personality traits of children with somatizations and norm values. The study involved a total of 111 pediatric patients, ages 11 to 15: 64 children with TTH and 47 with recurrent abdominal pain and chest pain (without headaches). In clinical settings the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire - Junior (EPQ-J) and Questionnaire of domination, aggression, introversion and ambition (DAIA) were applied. The average scores obtained by two groups of patients were compared () to each other and (b) with average scores of norm samples (children tested for test standardization). Results showed that the basic personality traits are similar in both groups of patients. Compared to norms, in pediatric patients with somatizations no higher values of emotional instability were found and their behaviour was prosocial and nonaggressive (statistically lower scores on the Psychoticism and Neuroticism scale, higher scores on the Lie scale (EPQ-J); lower scores on Aggression scale (DAIA)). Particularly children with TTH, compared to the norm sample, were more ambitious and aimed toward achievement of superior results in school and life. We suggested the use of more instruments in the assessment of children with somatizations as measures of nonpathological personality traits may also be useful in clinical psychological diagnostic procedures and in counselling-tgherapeutic work.

Ključne riječi
tension headaches; somatization; children; personality traits; behaviour; personality qauestionnaires

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