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Crossvalidation of the Croatian version of Pavlovian Temperament Survey (PTS)

Ivana Lučev ; Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies
Meri Tadinac   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb
Sanja Tatalović-Vorkapić ; Institute for Public Health, PGŽ

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The Pavlovian Temperament Survey (PTS) consists of three subscales intended to measure strength of excitation (SE), strength of inhibition (SI) and mobility (MO) of the nervous system. The Croatian version of PTS, constructed in 2002 (Lučev et al., 2002), consists of 69 items (23 for each dimension) and represents all of the defining components of the PTS. The aim of this study was to determine the factor structure of the PTS on a new sample and to explore some of the characterstics of the Croatian version of the PTS. The questionnaire was filled out by 463 participants, 17-26 years old. The reliability of scales, defined by Cronbach alpha coefficient, is satisfactory for all three scales. The intercorrelations among the scales are theoretically expected. The factor structure is comparable to those established for other versions of PTS and in accordance with the theoretical concept: three oblique factors can be interpreted as SE, SI and MO and together they explain 47.33% of the total variance.

Ključne riječi
Pavlovian Temperament Survey (PTS); basic nervous system properties; factor structure; reliability

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