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Psychology and deafness: Ethical principles and professional standards

Vesna Ivasović ; Centre for education "Slava Raškaj"

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The general public, as well as many professionals, continue to misunderstand the ramifications of deafness on the psychological and social functioning of deaf people. Failure to be aware of them can result in gross psychodiagnostic and treatment errors. Misdiagnosis often results in serious consequences for the deaf person. Psychologists must develop awareness of the implications of deafness in order to provide appropriate professional standards of psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy with deaf clients. Assessment practices, including assessment of intelligence, neuropsychological functions, learning disabilities and personality traits are discussed. Dimensions of culturally affirmative counselling and psychotherapy with deaf clients are presented. Competence in the field of psychology and deafness implies sign language fluency, cultural awareness, understanding the developmental, linguistic and social factors related to deafness and the implication of such factors upon assessment, counselling and psychotherapy.

Ključne riječi
deafness; ethical principles; professional standards; psychological assessment, counselling; psychotherapy

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