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APA 6th Edition
Eugen TEKLIĆ, A.T. (2011). KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU. Croatica Christiana periodica, 35 (68), 35-57. Preuzeto s
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Eugen TEKLIĆ, Ante TEKLIĆ. "KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU." Croatica Christiana periodica, vol. 35, br. 68, 2011, str. 35-57. Citirano 13.05.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Eugen TEKLIĆ, Ante TEKLIĆ. "KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU." Croatica Christiana periodica 35, br. 68 (2011): 35-57.
Eugen TEKLIĆ, A.T. (2011). 'KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU', Croatica Christiana periodica, 35(68), str. 35-57. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 13.05.2021.)
Eugen TEKLIĆ AT. KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU. Croatica Christiana periodica [Internet]. 2011 [pristupljeno 13.05.2021.];35(68):35-57. Dostupno na:
A.T. Eugen TEKLIĆ, "KANONIKAT ANGELINI U ROVINJU", Croatica Christiana periodica, vol.35, br. 68, str. 35-57, 2011. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 13.05.2021.]

During the favorable economic circumstances in the first half of the eighteenth century a lay canonry of the St. Euphemia church was founded. This was followed by significant flourishing of the local religious life. Believers started to join confraternities, and Elizabeth Angelini, daughter of the late Rocco and wife of Giovanni Antonio count of Califfi, according to the wish of her parents founded the Angelini canonry. This canonry had substantial financial funds of 4000 ducats, and its canons had several tasks: increase their number, help local parish community, participate in weekly duties and expenses of the Chapter, as well as serve lady Elizabeth regarding her spiritual needs. Regarding their other duties and rights canons of the Angelini canonry were equal to other canons from the local Rovinj Chapter; the only difference was that they had to be accepted by the Angelini family. Although in 1725 Venetian Dodge Alvise Mocenigo confirmed patronage right of Angelini family over this canonry, this concept of family’s patronage did not survive since after the Elizabeth’s death major and captain of Kopar acquired this patronage right. However, even afterwards Angelini family had some influence on the final decisions regarding the canonry. Namely, sometimes canonry canons had serious disagreements, which could not be solved even by the local bishop, thus the canons asked for final solution at Elizabeth. At the end Venetian Dodge solved this case in 1740 making eight rules that all canons had to obey henceforth. Still this canonry, together with Angelini family, revealed its power in the second half of the eighteenth century, when the number of canons had to increase because of the needs of the growing religious community. Namely, because of this growth there raised organizational need to divide the canonry prebends in two parts. However, Angelini family did not permit this because in this way the financial obligations of canons could be endangered. The entire litigation was in front of the Venetian court of justice and the Dodge ruled in favor of Angelini family, and their canons did not have to pay high fund fees. The first canon was Antonio Angelini, and he was elected according to the Elizabeth’s wish on 22nd January 1726. After her death canons were elected by majors of Kopar two times, once the canon was appointed by the bishop of Poreč, and the last Angelini canon was appointed by the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph. It is important to stress that for some time this canonry was vacant. The last canon Antonio Rocco resigned on 9th February 1893. Although even after this year the Angelini canonry was officially was listed as one of the lay canons, it has been never revitalized. Namely, as time passed canonry fund lost its value and no one wanted to be appointed to this duty. However, canons of Angelini canonry had fulfilled their main goal: liturgy and pastoral care were reestablished in the local community, as well as they managed to show the power of a lay family in Rovinj.

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Ecclesiastical history; early modern times; Rovinj; church of St. George and St. Euphemia; Chapter of St. Euphemia; canonry Angelini; Elizabeth Angelini; canons

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