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Perception of Parental Behavior Scale - validity assessment

Ivana Macuka   ORCID icon ; Department of Psychology, University of Zadar

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The aim of this study was to investigate factorial and construct validity of the Perception of Parental Behavior Scale – SPRP (Macuka, 2004). The research was conducted on a sample of 667 Croatian primary school pupils (351 boys and 313 girls) aged 10 to 15 years. SPRP is a self-report instrument consisting of 25 items. Factorial analysis revealed three factors of children’s perception of parental behavior (both mother’s and father’s): acceptance, rejection and control. Three subscales explained 38% of the father’s parental behavior and 40,7% of the mother’s parental behavior. The reliability of the SPRP, expressed as a coefficient of internal consistency, equals: rejection subscale father = 0,93 and mother = 0,95, acceptance subscale father = 0,71 and mother = 0,74, and control subscale father = 0,75 and mother = 0,76. Concurrent validity was examined by comparing children’s perception of parental behavior measured by SPRP Scale with results from the short version one of the most frequently used questionnaires in the assessment of parental behavior in the world – Schaefer CRPBI questionnaire (Keresteš, 1999). The results show significant correlations between scores in comparable subscales of the two questionnaires, which confirms the construct validity of the SPRP scale. These results indicate that SPRP is a useful instrument for the investigation of children perception of basic parental dimensions: emotionality (which includes acceptance and rejection) and control of children behavior.

Ključne riječi
dimensions of parental behavior; emotionality (acceptance-rejection) and control; children and adolescents

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