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The Gaps in Marulić's Biography

Branko Jozić   ORCID icon ; Marulianum, Split

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Just as for the understanding of the works of an author a knowledge of his curriculum vitae is indispensable, so the biography also needs to be gleaned from the oeuvre. We know a good deal about Marulić’s life from Božićević’s Biography of Marko Marulić (Vita Marci Maruli Spalatensis), from Marulić’s will and some other archival sources, but parts of his biography are still covered in thick shade. The question of his bildung, his exceptional erudition in church matters (his knowledge of theology, the Scriptures, patristic literature, moralities and general orientation to such matters) has not been settled at all. Still more surprising is his exceptional acquaintance with the internal conditions in church communities, his assumption of superiority in his criticism of and advice to persons in the church. When to this one adds the fact that his friends, to whom he dedicates his works and leaves his wealth (MSS and books) in his will, are mainly people from the church, the impression is inevitably left that our great man of Split was not just a self-styled lay-theologian and engaged moral-didactic writer, although, apart from assumptions, it is difficult to make any reliable statements about the extent to which he was formally involved in ecclesiastical structures.

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