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Review article

Diversities in the context of a modern curriculum

Marko Jurčić ; The University of Zagreb, The Faculty of Philosophy, Pedagogy Department
Smiljana Zrilić ; The University of Zadar, Teacher and Pre-school Teacher Training Department
Vesna Bedeković ; The School of Information Technology and Management, Virovitica

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M. Jurčić, S. Zrilić and V. Bedeković, "Različitost u kontekstu suvremenog kurikuluma", Školski vjesnik, vol.60, no. 2., pp. 149-164, 2011. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 03 December 2021]

Diversity in the context of a modern curriculum implies diversity as a base concept of the modern curriculum which enables equal participation for all students in the educational process in accordance with their abilities, and the acceptance of their needs depending on the specificities and difficulties at the individual level. An absolute focus on the individual differences is made by a teacher when he or she, within a teaching curriculum, defines and develops objectives, makes plans and programmes of the educational content, designs the teaching process, makes decisions about teaching methods and materials, applies a reasonable combination of student groupings, and chooses an accurate procedure to assess results; so that students can see the course of their potential development. This especially refers to the potential development of students with special needs, to those with difficulties and the gifted ones, including the culturally diverse students. The development of an attitude toward students of a culturally different background is considered a key factor of facing the inevitable changes caused by the transition from the monoculture to culturally plural communities. Mutual contacts of culturally diverse students infer the necessity of a quality interrelation based on the interculturalism as a possible solution of a good coexistence in the contemporary multicultural communities. In that context the goal of the Croatian National Framework Curriculum is to enable attendants of the educational institutions to achieve the highest levels of competence in accordance with their potentials, accepting the diversity of every student as a basic precondition of coexistence in a multicultural society.

modern curriculum; competencies; diversity; students with special needs; multicultural society

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