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Osijek and Hvar

Helena Sablić-Tomić ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Osijeku

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This research is a way of documenting events that have taken place in two cultural spaces, Pannonian and Mediterranean, urban and insular. Performances of the Croatian National Theatre in Osijek and Croatian Studies scholars from the Croatian Language and Literature Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek have been giving a continuous and long-term creative and scientific contribution to Hvar Theatre Days conferences. Contact points of Osijek and Hvar become visible through these performances and scholarly work. Apart from the theme of the homeland of local Slavonian texts, scholars and researchers from Osijek also study Croatian, as well as European literature, especially the 18th-century texts (Stanislav Marijanović, Milovan Tatarin, Zlata Šundalić), while the 19th-century authors are studied systematically (Branka Brlenić Vujić, Marica Grigić, Bogdan Mesinger). The 20th-century topics are dealt with by Goran Rem, Helena Sablić Tomić and Ivan Trojan. The only paper on language is by Ljiljana Kolenić, the title of which is »A Glance at Phraseology in A Pleasant Conversation by Andrija Kačić Miošić« (»Pogled u frazeologiju Razgovora ugodnog Andrije Kačića Miošića«). Pursuant to bibliographic records of Hvar Theatre Days conferences from 1975 to 1986, compiled by Nevenka Bezić Božanić, there are only six papers from Osijek in that period. Pursuant to bibliographic records of Hvar Theatre Days conferences from 1986 to 2010, there are seventy-eight papers written by established and young scholars from the Croatian Studies Department in Osijek.

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