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Boka – Kotorska Men Between The Bay of Kotor and Trieste

Vesna Čučić

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The relations of Boka Kotorska Bay and Trieste became more intensive just at the end of the 19th ct. after the fall of Venetian Republic and with the arrival of Austrian authorities in Boka Kotorska.
At the end of the 18th ct. Boka had about 300 sailing vessels. In 1805. there were 400 vessels with patent, 290 without patent and 3000 seafarers. After Napoleon wars in 1814. the number of vessels fell to 50 and just 221 vessel without patent.
Austria which governed just Croatian Coast, Rijeka and Trieste became the ruler of the whole coast from Venice to Budva. Austrian preference of Trieste and the foundation of steamship company Austrian Lloyd in 1833. with its seat in Trieste as the first, unique and the biggest steamship company at the Adriatic, made Trieste the most developed maritime center at the Eastern part of the Adriatic. The owners of Boka sold their sailing ships and their sons started working in Lloyd of Austria. Altough that steamship company was one of the causes of the fall of Boka Kotorska seafaring, however thus Boka Kotorska captains contributed to its flourishment.
In Trieste, around the middle of the 19th ct. there flourished the houses of Boka Kotorska families Florio, Verona, Vizin and Tripković.

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