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Legal Standing of Maritime Domain

Ante Jelavić

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A. Jelavić, "PRAVNI POLOŽAJ POMORSKOG DOBRA", NAŠE MORE, vol.59, br. 1-2, str. 22-35, 2012. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.06.2021.]

The author in this article presented the maritime domain, its origin and character.
Maritime domain is one of the oldest maritime law institutes, and a domain of special interest for the Republic of Croatia. It includes internal sea, territorial sea, the seabed and underground, parts of mainland intended for public use, and everything permanently connected to this part of mainland on or under the surface. The maritime domain is governed, maintained and protected by the Republic of Croatia directly or through its counties and districts/towns. Maritime domain is general domain, but there is one exception to the rule - institute of concession. Concession is a form of licence, given by general authority to legal and private persons, for doing certain activities for a determined time period. There are two types of concession: the concession for special use and the concession for economic use. Concession is given by Croatian Parliament, on the basis of the public procurement or on the demand of an applicant.
Maritime domain is registered in special land register, which has not yet been formed in Croatia, but also in general domain governed by the Republic of Croatia. Maritime domain cannot be subject of real property rights. There are certain criminal law standards protecting the maritime domain within the principles of environmental protection and domains of national interest.

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concession; records; property; conversion; privatisation

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