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Autochthonous "Bjelovars dried cheese"

Slavko Kirin ; DUKAT d.d., Tvornica Sirela, V. Sredice 11, 43000 Bjelovar

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S. Kirin, "Bjelovarski autohtoni "sušeni sir"", Mljekarstvo, vol.56, br. 4, str. 343-356, 2006. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 12.06.2021.]

«Dried cheese» is in autochthonous group of Bjelovar region cheeses which is still produced in rural domestic scale. The name of cheese originates from production procedure - drying for longer or shorter period in airy place after which the cheese is smoked, or is smoked only without drying. This type of cheese is produced in whole central region of Croatia which includes Međimurje, Podravina, Bilogora; Moslavina, Posavina and region around the capital. The aim of this paper is to describe and determine sensory, chemical and microbiological composition to determine its characteristics and production standards. As standards for sensory properties following characteristics can be used: a) Outer shape: dimensions: diameter: 140-145 mm, height: 58-61 mm, mass: 700-750 g, equal, rounded shape, smooth skin, equal colour; b) Consistency: easily cut, elastic, soft; c) Cut: nicely combined white body, few improper holes of equal size; d) Odour: pleasant milky acid odour, fairly smoky; e) Taste: Fairly milky acidic taste, medium salty, fairly smoky taste. Depending on fat in dry matter content and water content in non fat dry matter, analyzed samples can be characterized as quarter fat, soft and semidry cheese. Higher acidity and saltiness was determined in some samples, microbiological analyses has shown that the most common contaminants are yeasts and moulds.

Ključne riječi
«dried cheese»; trade mark; origin protection; sensory properties; chemical composition; hygiene

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