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The importance of the »second evangelization« in the present moment

Ilija Čabraja

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The question of evangelization has become a pastoral problem which
has been particularly discussed on the V and VI symposia of the Council
of European bishops’ conferences (CCEE) in Rome during 1982 and
1985. The Apostolic instruction of Paul VI: »Evangelii nuntiandi-«,
speaks specifically about evanglization in the second chapter under the
title: »-What does announcing the Gospel mean?« In order to approach
the »second evangelization of Europe«, (this includes our territo ry as
well), we first of all must look a t the present situation our Church finds
itself in. To toe sure, th e pressing problems of secularization and atheism fall into this situation. The consequences of secularization can toe seen amongst us in an increasing drop in Mass attendance, privatization of religion, disassociation from the Church and in the fact th a t the family is no longer the center of religious life. Rapid migration from villages to cities has also contributed to this as well as the oonsumenist mentality.
Atheism is present in all forms, especially pratical atheism. This
is the »spiritual dullness« which destroys man’s fundamental values. The Church is called to undertake this »second evangelization« precisely
under these circumstances.

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