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Human drama

Živan Bezić

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Human life is like a drama. Analogously to a drama the man is a knot
of conflicts and antinomies. The tragic of this drama lies into two facts:
man is split in himself (internal collisions and complexes); moreover
he is situated into the junction of the opposite elements of the cosmos
(polarisation: matter — spirit). The humans live in the error they are
the center of the world, and in fact they are only a intersection, a
cross-point, a cross.
The man’s cross can conduct to tragedy or to salvation. Culmination of
tragedy is if man descends down on the scale of values (to the level of
brute). The happy disentanglement of human drama lies in aspiration
toward the spiritual spheres, the transcendence, the apotheosis.
The final solution of man’s drama is a theoandric one. His model represents Jesus Christ, God and man in the same person, Saviour of men.

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