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Muscle adverse effects associated with high-dose simvastatin

Mario Ivanuša

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Evidence shows that statins reduce the incidence of unwanted cardiovascular events and increase life expectancy. However, these effects may be less pronounced if statins are administered in dosages lower than those described in clinical trials, especially in case of an inadequate biochemical response due to a genetic defect, intolerance or adverse reactions. A relative risk reduction for cardiovascular events was reported in patients receiving simvastatin 80 mg in comparison with those receiving simvastatin 20 mg, but the risk of muscle adverse effects was increased in the latter group. In mid-2011, the US Food and Drugs Administration released new information on the safety of simvastatin.

Ključne riječi
adverse effects; dyslipidemias; hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase inhibitors; secondary prevention; simvastatin

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