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Improving the health of working population in the City of Zagreb through “Work healthy – exercise at work“ programme

Marija Škes
Danijela Štimac
Ana Puljak

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Sedentary lifestyle is strongly associated with physical inactivity, or hypokinesia. The “Work healthy – exercise at work“ programme is designed for active working population in the City of Zagreb spending long hours sitting in front the computer at work or at home. The purpose of exercising during daily break is to prevent back pain, neck and shoulder muscle tension, blood circulation problems, numbness in the hand joints, eye fatigue and other related health problems. At the same time, combining relaxation techniques and physical relaxation can significantly reduce stress and health risks, improve physical and mental health and provide better quality of life at work. It should be noted that the cooperation of employees, occupational medicine specialists, kinesiologists, worker protection services and the employer is necessary.

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Croatia; exercise; health promotion; occupational health; primary prevention

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