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Regenerative periodontal therapy using Bio-Oss and resorbable membrane

Marija Ivić–Kardum
Ivan Slijepčević

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The intrabony pockets are classified according to their morphology and depend upon the location and number of bony walls that surround the pocket. Defects likely to be successfully treated are 3-wall and 2-wall pockets, especially deep pockets and defects, and narrow pockets with radiographic angle of 25o. Bio-Oss is deproteinised bovine-derived xenograft. Due to its characteristics, it is used in implantology and periodontology. Resorbable membranes are used in regenerative periodontal therapy with the aim to restore and coordinate the periodontal tissue regeneration. The combination of Bio-Oss and resorbable membranes in the treatment of intrabony defects results in the decreased probing depth and increased level of attachment with histologically proven periodontal regeneration.

Ključne riječi
bio-oss; periodontal pocket; periodontal regeneration, periodontal

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