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Nature helps healing – Vivamel

Sandra Marinović Kulišić

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Wound dressings are an integral part of the management of patients with wounds of varying aetiologies. The basic role of support bandages is to ensure optimal physicochemical conditions for wound healing. Today, their role is becoming more demanding in terms of preventing the development of infection, controlling exudation, reducing the feeling of pain and, finally, increasing the cost-benefit ratio in comparison with classic treatment. Honey is is commonly used throughout the world as a medicine. In addition to all its nutritious and healing properties, honey has some wound healing abilities and antimicrobial and antioxidant activities. Primary alginate dressing with medical honey Vivamel contains sterile and controlled medical chestnut honey that was proven to be very successful in the treatment of wounds of different aetiologies.

Ključne riječi
bandages; honey; wound healing; wounds and injuries

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