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Inherited Epidermolysis Bullosa – the Spectrum of Complications

Slobodna Murat-Sušić ; University Hospital Center Zagreb Department of Dermatology and Venereology School of Medicine University of Zagreb
Karmela Husar
Mihael Skerlev
Branka Marinović
Irena Babić

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Epidermolysis bullosa is a group of inherited diseases that are
characterized by skin and mucosal fragility and blister formation. A wide
variety of extracutaneous manifestations can develop as well as various
complications of the disease such as severe anemia, growth retardation,
esophageal stenosis, mutilating deformities of hands and feet, glomerulonephritis
leading to chronic renal failure, and many others. One of the
most important and often occurring complications is the development of
cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas that grow and metastasize quickly.
The objective of this paper is to give dermatologists a review of major
complications encountered in patients with epidermolysis bullosa. Since
these complications occur so often and can be considered to be part of
the clinical picture, it is mandatory to develop a multidisciplinary welleducated
team involved in follow-up and treatment of these patients.

Ključne riječi
inherited epidermolysis bullosa; complications; team work

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