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Vitiligo and Thyroid Dysfunction in Children and Adolescents

Sonja Prćić ; Department of Dermatovenereology Institute for Child and Youth Health Care of Voivodina
Verica Djuran
Dragan Katanić ; Simon Fraser University
Jovan Vlaški
Zorica Gajinov

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The link between vitiligo and thyroid disease has been proved
in adult patients. The aim of our study was to assess the prevalence of thyroid
dysfunction in children and adolescents with vitiligo and to identify
any predisposing factors of this association. This retrospective study included
75 children and adolescents with vitiligo: 47 (62.66%) females and 28
(37.33%) males. Physical examination, thyroid ultrasonography and laboratory
parameters of thyroid disease were performed in all study subjects.
Various degrees of thyroid parameter alterations were found in 19 (25.33%)
of 75 patients. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis associated with non-segmental vitiligo
was present in 11 (14.66%) patients. The most common site of vitiligo
onset in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis were upper limbs, which was
significantly more frequent compared with patients without Hashimoto’s
thyroiditis (χ2; P<0.05). Since vitiligo usually appears before the development
of thyroid disease, it may be useful to screen the children and adolescents
with vitiligo for thyroid autoantibodies.

Ključne riječi
vitiligo; child; adolescent; autoantibodies; Hashimoto’s disease

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