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Stratum Corneum Hydration and Skin Surface pH in Patients with Atopic Dermatitis

Tanja Knor ; University Department of Dermatovenereology Sarajevo University Clinical Center
Ajša Meholjić-Fetahović
Aida Mehmedagić

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Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronically relapsing skin disease
with genetic predisposition, which occurs most frequently in
preschool children. It is considered that dryness and pruritus, which
are always present in AD, are in correlation with degradation of the
skin barrier function. Measurement of hydration and pH value of the
stratum corneum is one of the noninvasive methods for evaluation of
skin barrier function. The aim of the study was to assess skin barrier
function by measuring stratum corneum hydration and skin surface
pH of the skin with lesions, perilesional skin and uninvolved skin in
AD patients, and skin in a healthy control group. Forty-two patients
were included in the study: 21 young and adult AD patients and 21
age-matched healthy controls. Capacitance, which is correlated with
hydration of stratum corneum and skin surface pH were measured on
the forearm in the above areas by SM810/CM820/pH900 combined
units (Courage & Khazaka, Germany). The mean value of water capacitance
measured in AD patients was 44.1±11.6 AU (arbitrary units) on
the lesions, 60.2±12.4 AU on perilesional skin and 67.2± 8.8 AU on uninvolved
skin. In healthy controls, the mean value was 74.1±9.2 AU.
The mean pH value measured in AD patients was 6.13±0.52 on the
lesions, 5.80±0.41 on perilesional skin, and 5.54±0.49 on uninvolved
skin. In control group, the mean pH of the skin surface was 5.24±0.40.
The values of both parameters measured on lesional skin were significantly
different (capacitance decreased and pH increased) from the
values recorded on perilesional skin and uninvolved skin. The same
held for the relation between perilesional and uninvolved skin. According
to study results, the uninvolved skin of AD patients had significantly
worse values of the measured parameters as compared with
control group. The results of this study suggested the skin barrier function
to be degraded in AD patients, which is specifically expressed in
lesional skin

Ključne riječi
atopic dermatitis; skin barrier dysfunction; skin hydration; cutaneous pH

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