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Origin and role of bio-ethical commissions

Luka Tomašević ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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APA 6th Edition
Tomašević, L. (2008). Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava. Služba Božja, 48 (2), 119-141. Preuzeto s
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Tomašević, Luka. "Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava." Služba Božja, vol. 48, br. 2, 2008, str. 119-141. Citirano 03.12.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Tomašević, Luka. "Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava." Služba Božja 48, br. 2 (2008): 119-141.
Tomašević, L. (2008). 'Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava', Služba Božja, 48(2), str. 119-141. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 03.12.2020.)
Tomašević L. Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava. Služba Božja [Internet]. 2008 [pristupljeno 03.12.2020.];48(2):119-141. Dostupno na:
L. Tomašević, "Nastanak i uloga bioetičkih povjerenstava", Služba Božja, vol.48, br. 2, str. 119-141, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 03.12.2020.]

In this work the author points to the emergence of bio-ethics
as a new scientific discipline as a result of contemporary
scientific progress, especially in medicine and biomedicine.
As medicine was faced with ever more ethical dilemmas in
clinical practice and in researches, the need was felt to form
ethical commissions for ethics and for ethical activity and judgement.
The author presents historical reference of the origin of ethical
commissions, first in Canada and USA, then in Europe
and with us. He points out that the Canadian bishops, led by
the idea of the Second Vatican Council, gave impetus to the
emergence of ethical commissions.
In the second part the author makes reference to the European
practice and considers it in our Croatian context as well,
and warns that our practice has not reached the European yet,
especially when talking about education and consulting.
In the last part the author speaks about ethics in ethical commissions,
emphasises some ethical principles of the Church and
offers personalized ethical model as the only one worthy of man.

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bioethics; bio-ethical commissions; ethics; Church; Christianity; man

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