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Nafta : exploration, production, processing, petrochemistry, Vol.63 No.9-10 October 2012.

Original scientific paper

Prediction of Formation Water Properties Using a Novel Predictive Tool Approach and Vandermonde Matrix

Alireza Bahadori ; Environmental Innovations Research Centre, School of Environmental Science & Management, Southern Cross University, PO Box 157, Lismore, New South Wales, 2480, Australia

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Bahadori, A. (2012). Prediction of Formation Water Properties Using a Novel Predictive Tool Approach and Vandermonde Matrix. Nafta, 63(9-10), 289-298. Retrieved from
Fulltext: croatian, pdf (99 KB) pages 299-306 downloads: 325* cite
Bahadori, A. (2012). Predviđanje svojstava slojne vode korištenjem novog prediktivnog alata i Vandermondove matrice. Nafta, 63(9-10), 299-306. Retrieved from

Production of wet crude due to the raise in oil-water contact in many oil fields has been a growing field problem and consequently production of salty wet crude affects the quality of crudes. In this work a simple method using Arrhenius-type function and Vandermonde matrix is presented for estimation of formation water properties for temperatures above 30 °C and salt contents between 5 and 25% by mass. Estimations are found to be in excellent agreement with the reliable data in the literature with average absolute deviation varying between 0.08 to 2.7%. The method developed in this study is of immense practical value for petroleum engineers and practice engineers for a quick check on the formation water properties at various conditions without opting for any experimental measurements. In particular chemical and petroleum engineers would find the proposed approach to be user-friendly with transparent calculations involving no complex expressions.

formation water; correlation; production engineering; mathematical modelling

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