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Joseph Ratzinger and ecumenism

Dušan Moro

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The newly elected pope Benedict XVI was Head of the Congregation
for the Doctrine of Faith from 1981 to 2005. That difficult
and challenging position seems to have pushed into the
background his extensive theological work, especially his ecumenical
The first part of this work gives an essential outline of his
most important theological works. Then the author points at his
contribution to the ecumenical movement and dialogue between
the Catholic Church and other Christian churches and communities.
In the second part the focus of the article are the key issues
and burning problems of ecumenism. The author also analyses
J. Ratzinger’s specific and personal contribution, who, as a theological
writer and the closest fellow-worker of pope John Paul
II, has cleared a “new way” to ecumenism and has strived for the
unity of all Christ’s followers.

Ključne riječi
ecumenism; J. Ratzinger; ecumenical movement; ecumenical documents; justification; split between the East and the West; ecumenical meetings

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