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Tourist Generations in Primary Schools

Magda Bogataj

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The tradition of educating Tourist Generations at the Bled Primary School is long-lived. The chief motivational factor for its establishment was the need to stimulate the interest of the young(er) generations in the hotel, catering and tourism industry.
There are six Tourist Generation groups at the School today and the curriculum programmes and methods that the pupils of different age partake in differ. All six groups follow a syllabus interlacing diverse theoretical and practical topics and subjects, which relate to tourism in different ways, and which are tackled by diverse methods and modes of work attractive and interesting to children. Workshops and fieldwork are frequent – their aim is to enable the pupils to acquire both knowledge and experience on the basis of their own observations and research. The fundamental aim of all the groups is to educate the youth for a positive attitude to tourism. Furthermore, all the students are members of the Bled Tourist Board.
The groups are supervised by mentors, who attend various seminars. They also network with catering and tourism organisations locally and elsewhere.
The finances needed to run the curriculum are secured by the School, sponsorships and supplemental activities through other organisations.

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tourism; primary school; extracurricular activities; organisation

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