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Mljekarstvo : časopis za unaprjeđenje proizvodnje i prerade mlijeka, Vol. 50 No. 2, 2000.

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Interpretation of analytical results by the expert system

Oto Hanuš ; Vyzkumny ustav pro chav skotu, s.r.o., Rapotin, Research Institute for Cattle Breeding, Ltd., Rapotin, 788 13, Czech Republic
Pavel Benda

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Profitability of dairy cow production is influenced by good health condition of animals. Productive disorders (PD) resulting from improper technological systems of housing, inadequate nutrition and feeding regimens or improper milking system represent a serious problem. PD are associated with a significant reduction of milk quality and milk yield. Preventive system (PS) ofPD is very important as well. The results of milk sample (MS) analyses must be properly evaluated. It forms the basis of an effective control, regulation or positive modification of the PS. Numerous compositional, qualitative, and health parameters can be now systematically controlled in MS. Results of analyses can be compiled, archived, and evaluated. A software application used for systematic evaluation of MS analyses (bulk MS and individual MS) - OptimLact - was studied as an expert system. Study was based on a conditional and causal model and on a probability model as well. Milk secrection disorders and metabolic disbalances were the principal objectives of the study. Efficacy of statements never reached 100 %; incorrect diagnostics of approximately 5 -10% is envisaged. So-called "advisory minutes" (AM) are the final product of OptimLact. AM confronts results with adopted standards and physiologic limits, demonstrates evolutionary trends, and confronts historical data with actual ones. AM summarises eventual recommendations and modifications of the PS. It is suitable for routine dairy laboratories. Method is profitable; its application is associated with reduced standard time of individual animal care.

Ključne riječi
productive disorders of dairy cows; results of milk sampling; prevention; software; milk secretion disorders; metabolic disbalances; interpretation

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