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Professional paper

Modern School Librarianship

Sanja Galić ; III. gimnazija, Osijek, Hrvatska

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The paper focuses on tasks and activities of the school library in the modern
Croatian education and library system based on documents of international organizations
that deal with education, librarianship and information, and that are acknowledged
by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Greater attention is
given to the distinctive educational role of a school library in comparison with other
types of libraries. This role includes learning, training for critical thinking and teaching
the active use of information. It is accomplished through making collections of
different information sources and doing workshops on various subjects, as well as
through school projects and team teaching. The paper also discusses what kind of
general, pedagogical and professional knowledge a school librarian has to demonstrate
in order to support this kind of teaching. Various practices of the school library
are exemplified by the school library of the 3rd Grammar School in Osijek.

school library; collection; learning; critical thinking; active user of information; different information sources; support to teaching

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