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The application of expert system in hotel business

Vlado Galičić
Slobodan Ivanović

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Hotel employees which make contact with hotel guests, spend substantial part of their working time extending information on their hotel and the tourist destination. The substitution of an expert system for the guest-employee relations, forms one of the possible ways to keep the guests informed timely and completely. When developing their expert system, which can ensure information and advice, learn about the guests and extend services, use the deposited expert instructions and their built-in estimation possibilities, hotel offers can be improved. Collecting and analyzing information for marketing purpose, the expert system can save time and money to the hotel, while, at the same time, obtaining important competitive preferances. The advantage of such a system consists of being always and in the same way available to the guests, who will, while using it, obtain all adequate information on hotel and the hotel offer.

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hotel; expert system; management

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