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Alzheimer Croatia – from founding to the full membership in umbrella international organizations

Ninoslav Mimica
Zdravko Pecotić
Goran Šimić
Mira Dajčić
Nevenka Mimica
Morana Trešćec-Ivičić
Paola Presečki
Nataša Klepac
Marina Boban
Goran Ivkić
Stipe Drmić
Tajana Dajčić

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Alzheimer Croatia (AC), former Alzheimer Disease Societies Croatia (ADSC), was founded in Zagreb in 1999 upon the initiative of caregivers of people with dementia (PWD) and with the support from healthcare professionals. The main goal of AC is to help PWD, their families and careers, but also to fight against the stigma of the disease and educate target and general population. Activities provided by the AC include counselling, SOS-line and weekly meetings at the Zagreb office in Vlaška 24. The AC publishes educational material including booklets and leaflets, organises lectures and public discussions, provides information for the media and organises professional conferences and congresses, gathering various experts and caregivers and other persons involved in caring for the PWD members. After becoming a full member of the umbrella associations such as Alzheimer’s Disease International, Alzheimer Europe and European Brain Council, the AC has the opportunity to participate in creation of global politics of caring for PWDs and their families.

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Alzheimer disease; caregivers; Croatia; dementia; patients

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