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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.62 Prosinac 2012.

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The subsequent notes in the Žgombić Miscellany and the place of its origin

Sandra Sudec   ORCID icon ; Staroslavenski institut Demetrova 11 HR-10000 Zagreb

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Sudec, S. (2012). Naknadni zapisi u Žgombićevu zborniku i mjesto njegova nastanka. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (62), 233-244. Preuzeto s

In the light of some previously disconnected data the author discusses the place where The Žgombić Miscellany (CŽg), a representative Croatian Glagolitic miscellany of the medieval literary texts dating from the 16th century was written and used. The language characteristics of CŽg and some details of its contents point to the North-Eastern Istria, more precisely to Liburnia as the place of origin of some of its texts. Attention is paid to the Glagolitic notes in CŽg added after the original texts were written, because they help in defining the place where the codex was kept, and even written. Two relevant facts, derived from the research of Vjekoslav Štefanić on one side, and Makso Peloza on the other, on the subject of one of the notes, are connected. This enables the author to prove the Štefanić’s assumption that the subsequent notes in CŽg were written in Mošćenice so that the codex must have been in use there for some time. Moreover, owing to the Štefanić’s palaeographic analysis, it is possible to confirm that the latest part of the miscellany dating from around 1582, was written in Mošćenice.

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Žgombić Miscellany; Mošćenice; Croatian Glagolitic texts; subsequent notes

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