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The Doctrine OF Man

Aecio E. Cairus ; Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies, Silang, Philippines

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A.E. Cairus, "Nauk o čovjeku", Biblijski pogledi, vol.9, br. 1-2, str. 9-36, 2001. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 27.02.2021.]

Even though “theology” literally means “a discussion or study of God,” man is one of its most important subjects. God revealed Him¬self as the Father of the human race (Matt. 6:9), through a Son who is not ashamed to claim human beings as His brothers and sis¬ters (Heb. 2:11), and in the Spirit who takes humanity as His abode (1 Cor. 6:19).
While not feeling the perplexity and despair so often encountered among philosophers, biblical writers still pose the questions What is man? and Who am I? The Bible sets those questions in a context of reverence for God’s works (Ps. 8:4) and His condescension toward humankind (Job 7:17), of thankfulness prompted by His grace (2 Sam. 7:18; Ps. 144:3), and humility facing the vastness of the task He has assigned (Ex. 3:11). We should do like¬wise.
“Theological anthropology” (the study of man from a biblical viewpoint) is usually dis-cussed in connection with cosmology (which deals with the created universe), protology (the original state of affairs in the world), ha- martiology (the vastly different state of af¬fairs introduced by sin), and eschatology (the doctrine of the last things).
This is reasonable, for things acquire meaning in their natural context (hence the connection with cosmology). Though this re¬lationship is now obscured by the conse¬quences of sin, the origin of a being and its destiny disclose its nature. The nature of hu¬man beings is thus revealed in their creation (protology) and future state (eschatology).
In this essay “man” is used in a generic sense as found in Genesis 1:27, and refers to both men and women.

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Docrtine-of-Man; Theological-Anthropology; Protology; Hamartiology

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