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William H. Shea ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, SAD

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Creation is the basic event with which the history of the world and humanity begins. It is also basic to the history of the salvation of the human race since it was shortly after Creation that human beings fell into sin. The account of the Fall is given in Genesis 3. The basic account of the Creation precedes that narrative in Genesis 1 and 2. Quite naturally, therefore, the Bible begins with the account of Creation. In other passages of the OT, however, there are other major statements about Creation. In any study of this doctrine those texts need to be taken into account.
In addition to the OT, the NT likewise teaches the doctrine of Creation. Several points are emphasized here. The first is that Jesus Christ was active in Creation. The second is that He is Lord over His creation. Fi-nally, there is the matter of the new creation. In NT statements on the subject, such as in Revelation, the new creation is related to the old. It is like it, but differs from it in certain respects. It will be more advanced and refined than the original creation. From this general perspective the texts themselves may now be considered.

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Creation; Heaven; Earth; Genesis

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