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The Law of God

Mario Veloso ; General Conference of SDA, Washinghton D.C. USA

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In all societies, law as the basis of right conduct is vital to the well-being of people. From a theological point of view, law becomes even more important because it includes the law of God, in which divine requirements are made of human beings.
From a biblical standpoint, law often points to the Torah or Book of the Law, the Pentateuch, which is traditionally considered to contain 613 commandments. Yet the books of Moses have no monopoly on the topic. From Genesis through Revelation, the law is integral to the history of Israel, to the teaching of Jesus, and to the Epistles of Paul.
While different kinds of law are evident throughout the Bible—ceremonial laws, civil laws, health laws, community laws—the law of God is at the heart of the concept. The Decalogue, the moral law, is spiritual and shows the character of God. It transcends time and place, sharing the permanence of its Author.
God’s law must be studied in relation to other topics. The Decalogue is part of God’s covenant with His people. For Paul, law is closely related to grace. Ultimately law must be viewed in the light of the cross, for Christians the central event of history.
This article on the law explores the meaning, purpose, uniqueness, and permanence of the law of God. It also considers the applica¬tion of the doctrine in everyday Christian life and in the life of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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God’s-law; Torah; Decalogue; Ten-Commandments

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