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Biblical Apocalyptic

William H. Johnsson ; Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA

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Anyone who takes the Bible seriously must seek to understand its apocalyptic element. This element is significant for both its quantity and its role. Two books of the Bible are almost entirely apocalyptic in nature—Daniel in the Old Testament and Revelation in the New. Apart from these, several portions of other books in both Testaments consist of apocalyptic. Further, we find apocalyptic scattered among the prophetic writings of the OT and assigned in the NT to Jesus Himself, as well as to the apostles.
Throughout the twentieth century apocalyptic has generated considerable scholarly interest and investigation. Attempts to engage the biblical element often have led students of the Scriptures on wider quests; they have sought to understand biblical apocalyptic by attempting to trace its roots in extrabiblical sources. Thus the study that began with biblical apocalyptic usually has become an investigation of apocalyptic per se—apocalyptic as a literary genre.
Despite considerable effort on the part many scholars, no clear consensus regarding the meaning and interpretation of apocalyptic has emerged. Even a definition of apocalyptic eludes universal acceptance.
This article has been prepared from the conviction that a study of biblical apocalyptic both necessary and possible—necessary cause of the importance of the apocalyptic element in the Bible' itself, and possible presuppositions of interpretation are subjected to close scrutiny and the biblical ten made the focus of effort. Thus while this e: is written from an awareness of scholarly forts to understand apocalyptic as a genre, concentrates on the biblical text itself rather than on supposed extrabiblical sources of apocalyptic.

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Biblical-Apocalyptic; Apocalyptic; Daniel; Revelation; Historicism

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