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The Millennium

Eric Claude Webster ; Editor, Signs of Times, South Africa

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Only in Revelation 20 is there biblical reference to the period known as the 1,000 years, commonly called the millennium. Accepting the Apocalypse as an inspired biblical book, we must integrate the concept of the millennium into its general scheme of eschatology. Because some early Church Fathers developed a picture of the millennium that resulted in extreme views of earthliness, many have neglected this issue. In fact, the millennium has been rejected by many.
As described in Revelation 20:1-14, the millennium is a period of 1,000 years bounded by two resurrections; the first is that of the righteous at the second advent of Christ and the second is that of the wicked at the conclusion of the period. Satan is bound at the beginning of the millennium—his opportunity for deception comes to an end. All the righteous, living and resurrected, are given immortality and taken to heaven to live and reign with Christ for the duration of the millennium. The wicked are destroyed by the brightness of Christ’s coming, leading to the depopulation of the earth. In this condition the earth becomes a “bottomless pit,” to which Satan and his angels are confined for the 1,000 years.
In heaven the righteous reign with Christ and take part in the deliberative phase of the judgment upon the wicked. Upon the completion of this work Christ and the saints return to this earth accompanied by the New Jerusalem. With the descent of Christ and the city the wicked are raised, resulting in another opportunity for Satan to become active. He performs his last act of deception in persuading the wicked to attack the New Jerusalem.
At this time the final judgment of the wicked takes place, and all who have rejected God’s mercy and grace face the tribunal. There is no advocate to plead mercy, and final retribution falls upon them. The fires that destroy Satan and his followers also destroy all vestiges of sin. Out of the dust and ashes of this judg-ment will emerge God’s recreated world, the eternal home for the people of God.

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Millennium; Thousand-years; Hiliasm; Last-Judgment; The-First-Resurrection

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