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The New Earth and the Eternal Kingdom

Daegeuk Nam ; Korean Sahmyook Universita, Seoul, South Korea

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APA 6th Edition
Nam, D. (2004). Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo. Biblijski pogledi, 12 (1-2), 135-156. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Nam, Daegeuk. "Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo." Biblijski pogledi, vol. 12, br. 1-2, 2004, str. 135-156. Citirano 24.06.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Nam, Daegeuk. "Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo." Biblijski pogledi 12, br. 1-2 (2004): 135-156.
Nam, D. (2004). 'Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo', Biblijski pogledi, 12(1-2), str. 135-156. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 24.06.2021.)
Nam D. Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo. Biblijski pogledi [Internet]. 2004 [pristupljeno 24.06.2021.];12(1-2):135-156. Dostupno na:
D. Nam, "Nova Zemlja i vječno kraljevstvo", Biblijski pogledi, vol.12, br. 1-2, str. 135-156, 2004. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 24.06.2021.]

Expectations of divine rewards for those who do good on earth exist in almost all cultures and all peoples of the human race. The Bible presents an unequivocal teaching on this question. There will be a new earth, new in terms of both time and form, different from the present one. Upon that new earth will be established a new and eternal kingdom ruled by the King of kings. The subjects of that kingdom will be those rescued from sin by God’s plan of salvation.
The establishment of this kingdom will fulfill the everlasting covenant of God with human beings. This eternal kingdom is an actual place; it is both the reward and final home of the redeemed. It is the ultimate objective of the gospel and salvation history. In it the divine promises to the world and the purpose of Christ’s coming to this world will be accomplished.

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New-Earth; Eternal-Kingdom; New-Jerusalem; Gospel

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