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Periglacial Relief in Velebit Mountain Area

Dražen Perica
Sanja Lozić
Irena Mrak

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D. Perica, S. Lozić i I. Mrak, "Periglacijalni reljef na području Velebita", Geoadria, vol.7, br. 1, str. 5-29, 2002. [Online].

Although the Velebit is a low mountain situated in the moderate climate zone, there exist periglacial processes in relief modelling in its highest part. The reason for this is interdependance of geological, geomorphological, climatic, vegetational and pedological influences, but also long antropogenic and zoogenic influences. Among periglacial forms the features which originated from the activity of nival and frost processes can be singled out.

Ključne riječi
Velebit mountain; periglacial relief; nival modelling; frost processes and forms

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